Faculty and Staff

Cal Coast Academy's faculty members are dedicated to our school's mission of preparing each student for a lifetime of intellectual exploration, personal and academic growth, and social responsibility.  Their passion for teaching combined with their years of academic training and experience, brings an unparalleled knowledge of subject matter to each classroom.  Our faculty members continually challenge, and help build well-rounded students academically, physically, artistically, emotionally, and contribute to our school community.  Lessons are built around our school ESLRs and core values.  Faculty members regularly devote more than the required number of hours in order to meet the needs of our students.  Our Cal Coast Academy faculty and staff members exhibit exceptional interpersonal skills that promote a safe supportive learning environment where students connect and excel.

In addition to teaching our college preparatory curriculum and participating in extracurricular events, each member of our Cal Coast Academy faculty bring a myriad of teaching opportunities to the campus as a whole through their chosen school Directorships.  

Each one of our Cal Coast Academy faculty members supports increasing our student body while maintaining our traditions, partnerships between parents and students, school ESLRs, core values, and the standards of excellence that have been established over the years.





Dr. Michael Barker

Ms. Kristen Jansen
Mr. Michael Hatcher 

 "Unity is strength ...
when there is teamwork
and collaboration,
wonderful things are achieved"
 - Mattie J.T. Stepanek


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