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Early Start Courses: These classes begin at 8:15am vs. the regular 8:45am time. The students enrolled in an early start course have the advantage of a longer am break. The following is an example of a student's early start course day:

Period 1 or 2 : 8:15am - 9:45am
Break: 9:45am - 1O:25am
Period 3 or 4 : 10:25am - 11:55am
Lunch: 11:55am -12:30pm
Period 5 or 6 : 12:30pm - 2:00pm

ASSIST: This Monday through Friday, teacher-directed, two-hour, After School Study & Instruction that Supports Teaching program is available to all of our Cal Coast Academy students. Organizational and study skills are integrated into the after school study time as teachers answer questions and expose students to a review of any concept(s) needing clarification. Students also receive assistance with time-management skills and test preparation.

One on One and Two-on-One Courses: Cal Coast Academy offers both a one-on-one and a two-on-one class format for any student, in any course. These classes may either be scheduled for a period within our school day or during after school hours. Our one-on-one and two-on-one classes are designed to provide our students with alternatives, flexibility with school scheduling, as well as make it possible for our students to earn their high school credits beyond the regular, bell-scheduled day. These personalized courses are ideal for students who desire early graduation, students who compete on the National and International levels, students who participate in extra-curricular activities, and students in need of make-up courses.

Tutoring: Cal Coast Academy provides before and/or after school tutoring for all students, in all academic subjects. Tutoring sessions are setup entirely around the student's availability and can either be met on our campus, at an alternative location suitable for learning, or within the student's home. Cal Coast Academy recommends a minimum of two, one-hour sessions per week. All of our tutoring lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis and students meet with the same instructor every time. 

Honors: Cal Coast Academy's honors classes offer a more advanced curriculum than our regular courses and are tailored for high achieving students. Our honors classes cover additional topics and some topics in greater depth.

AP: Cal Coast Academy's Advanced Placement classes provide students with an opportunity for learning that goes beyond just the facts and figures. Our rich AP course material, classroom discussions, and demanding assignments, according to the college course standards, help develop our student's content mastery and critical thinking skills expected of college students. Cal Coast Academy's Advanced Placement classes provide our motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level. By participating in an AP course, our students have the opportunity to earn college credit and to stand out in the college admission process.

Learn on Location: Since its conception, our annual Learn on Location trips have deeply influenced the worldviews of each participant. While abroad, our travelers participate in profound service opportunities, explore the richness of the world, build community through shared experience, expand their comfort-zones, interact with native people, live within local villages, and immerse themselves in customary traditions. Each extraordinary location we visit instills global awareness as well as an interconnectedness of countries and cultures within our students. Fiji, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Italy, the Dominican Republic, and Albania are a few of the destinations that we have left our mark upon. It is not uncommon for students to develop passions and a sense of purpose in their lives because of an experience they had while on one of our Learn on Location trips.

Cal Coast Academy gives course credit to our student travelers and parents are welcome to accompany us on one or both of our annual school trips.




The Cal Coast Academy
school campuses will be
closed to students effective


We are committed to

operating our school in

a way that causes the
least amount of disruption

for our students and

families. For that reason,

we will continue to utilize

our distant learning

platform through the

remainder of the school



On behalf of all of us at

Cal Coast Academy,

we wish you health and

safety as we work through

these unprecedented

times together.





accredited courses

available to all students

throughout San Diego County



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