Cal Coast Academy's English course content is designed to encourage our students to become more thorough and selective in the application of their research findings.  Students are assigned analytical papers, argumentative essays, research essays, and papers written in response to famous quotations, all requiring extensive research be conducted and information deemed credible before students are eligible for their worthy grade.  To successfully monitor students' progress and simultaneously amplify the effectiveness of the curriculum and instructional methods, English instructors use a wide collection of techniques including written paragraph summaries, daily journaling, creative writing papers, short answer responses, individual and group projects, individual and group presentations, descriptive writing exercises, supplemental worksheets, unit study guides, written reading assessments, oral reading assessments, group discussions, essays, narratives, poetry, reading projects, compare/contrast essays, written and oral examinations, persuasive speeches, oral reflections, expository essays, and written reflections.






Dr. Michael Barker

Ms. Kristen Jansen
Mr. Michael Hatcher 

 "Unity is strength ...
when there is teamwork
and collaboration,
wonderful things are achieved"
 - Mattie J.T. Stepanek


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F/S Meeting
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Memorial Day
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