Foreign Languages

Cal Coast Academy's Foreign Language courses are designed to encourage students in their ability to identify, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources and learning experiences while simultaneously instilling an appreciation of the benefits of studying another language and developing specific language skills. For spoken languages, students are taught to communicate effectively in basic social situations and within the cultural context, developing proficiency and confidence in speaking/signing, reading, writing, and listening. In classical languages, students are taught to read great works of ancient literature within the context of the history and culture of the times. All of our foreign language courses give our students an understanding of the target culture’s history, geography, customs, arts, literature,and economic and political realities.

In developing an effective communication style, each level of our Foreign Language program requires that students speak and listen reflectively and critically and write in a logical, coherent, and well-organized manner that acknowledges the audience, purpose, and situation.  Our Foreign Language courses provide our students with countless opportunities to work as team players to establish common goals, network with other individuals and organizations to assist in organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating data, while negotiating, compromising, providing, and accepting constructive criticisms in order to draw informed conclusions and effectively manage interpersonal relationships in diverse settings.  These courses also encourage students to accept responsibility for their choices, actions, and decisions, fostering appreciation of and utilizing language to bridge the frontiers between the people of nations.

The Cal Coast Academy Foreign Language program offers an in depth curriculum, allowing the student to pursue the language far beyond most upper school programs. Many Cal Coast Academy students have participated in Foreign exchange programs throughout Europe. The Cal Coast Academy students who have achieved the level of study required to participate in these life enhancing components of our Foreign Language program have the opportunity to apply their language skills abroad, create friendships and expand their world visions.

AP French Language - The AP French language course emphasizes the use of language for active communication and helps students understand spoken French in various contexts as well as express themselves coherently, resourcefully, and with reasonable fluency and accuracy in both written and spoken French. This AP foreign language course develops reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills that can be used in various activities and disciplines rather than to cover any specific body of subject matter. The course also emphasizes organization and writing skills. The AP French course also includes audio and video recordings, film, newspaper, and magazine readings.

AP Italian Language - The AP Italian Language course reflects the most current thinking regarding second language instruction and acquisition. The course aims to develop students' reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills within a cultural frame of reference reflective of the richness of Italian Language and Culture. The AP Italian Language and Culture course focuses on the structural aspects of the language while interweaving cultural content throughout the course by using authentic resources, such as films, literature, audio recordings, the Internet, newspapers, and magazines. The AP Italian Language and Culture course prepares students to demonstrate their level of Italian proficiency across three communicative modes: 1. Interpersonal - interactive communication. 2. Interpretive - Receptive communication. 3. Presentational - Productive communication. Communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities are the five goal areas outlined in the AP Italian course.

AP Spanish Language - The AP Spanish Language course helps prepare students demonstrate their level of Spanish proficiency across three communicative modes: Interpersonal (interactive communication), Interpretive (receptive communication), and Presentational (productive communication). This AP foreign language course also consists of Spanish linguistic skills which encourages students to speak accurately and fluently. Students will comprehend Spanish intended for native speakers in a variety of settings, type of discourse, topics, styles, registers, and broad regional variations. The AP Spanish language course uses authentic sources in Spanish and creates cultural awareness within students.




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