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Fine Art faculty members utilize a variety of methods all designed to help students monitor and track personal progress, identify their levels of comprehension, and better understand specific knowledge of their critical art skills.  Through self evaluations and portfolio reviews, students highlight their critical thinking skills and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the relationship between effort and success.  Students enrolled in a fine art course regularly partake in peer oral and written critiques and showcase their talents in minimally one student art show per semester.  These methods of assessment help students analyze their progress, communicate their artistic perceptions and intentions, provide feedback to assist their peers in identifying their artistic strengths and weaknesses, and reflect on what they could do or would do to improve their future work.  These assessments also encourage our students in effective and appropriate communication techniques, group collaborations, and their critical thinking abilities.  A number of our offered fine art courses also explore the numerous styles of illustrations, examine the different mediums and mixed media capabilities through a learned understanding of course-utilized computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.





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