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Cal Coast Academy blends an array of extracurricular activities which complement academic achievement. Cal Coast Academy's social events invite each student to hone pro-social skills through opportunities which explore teamwork, leadership roles, creative expression, relationship cultivation, and diverse cultural perspectives. While Cal Coast Academy provides a truly rich environment for this development of personal growth and expression, FUN is the binding factor. Cal Coast Academy students, faculty, staff, and families enjoy BBQ's, "Harvest" parties, Learning on Location school trips, and holiday gatherings. Student-specific events include Prom, CCASB, clubs, and specialized groups. Planned and organized by the students, events are launched in a combined effort promoting a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere of fellowship and life-celebration.

Surf: Cal Coast Academy's Surf Club provides an opportunity for all Cal Coast Academy students to gather and socialize in an atmosphere in which they excel outside of the school classroom. Our Surf Club is open to all students with a desire to surf with the Cal Coast Academy Surf Team.

Michael Carley, our Surf Team Coach, is present during all practices, contests and events. The Cal Coast Academy Surf Team meets every other day from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at the Cardiff Campgrounds NORTH entrance.

Surf Club and/or Team Requirements:

  1. Surf Club and Team Members are required to participate in once a month beach cleanups sponsored by the Surfrider Foundation.
  2. Surf Club Members are required to know how to swim & surf as well as own their own board and wetsuit.
  3. Surf Club and Team Members are required to be CPR Certified. Cal Coast Academy's Health class offers a Certified CPR class one time per academic year which the Surf Club and Team members are automatically enrolled in.
  4. Surf Club Members are encouraged to attend Surf Team Members competitions and/or events.

ASB: CCASB's main purpose is to promote student-teacher understanding, work for the betterment of the student body as a whole, develop student leadership and allow for student expression. Student Council Members tend to already be student leaders whose role within the CCASB helps them grow in their leadership abilities. Student Council Members advise, consult, and provide a forum for discussing issues that affect the entire student body. The Student Council Members become the voice between the students and staff. Council Members assist in school fundraisers and social activities. CCASB Members must have good grades, maintaining a 3.0 grade point average. To remain on the Student Council, Members must show good judgment in choices and behavior and be a person others hold in high regard.

Equestrian: The Cal Coast Academy Equestrian Club welcomes any level of student horse involvement, from the seriously competitive and show rider to the casual rider. The majority of our equestrians belong to a local barn where they train for competitions and board their horses. Every member of the Cal Coast Academy Equestrian Club must participate in or observe equine-related events such as horse shows, competitions, rodeos, etc.. Club Members must also participate in non-riding activities such as volunteering at a local horse rescue center, provide lessons to inspiring riders free of charge, volunteer at local barns, etc.. The Cal Coast Academy Equestrian Club strives to build character and horsemanship in our student riders.

Yearbook: The Cal Coast Academy Yearbook Club is a collaboration of both Photography and Yearbook. Club Members are required to pass a Photography II course before getting approval to join. The primary goal of our Yearbook Club is to accurately produce a thorough record of the Cal Coast Academy student body as well as document all school events. Club Members are also responsible for taking all photos used in the yearbook. The entire yearbook design, cover, layout & theme are the Club Members sole responsibility as well as all other aspects corresponding to the production of our annual school yearbook.




The Cal Coast Academy
school campuses will be
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We are committed to

operating our school in

a way that causes the
least amount of disruption

for our students and

families. For that reason,

we will continue to utilize

our distant learning

platform through the

remainder of the school



On behalf of all of us at

Cal Coast Academy,

we wish you health and

safety as we work through

these unprecedented

times together.





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