College and Career

The Cal Coast Academy school counselor strives to help each student develop his/her abilities and maximize his/her potential. To further support student achievement, stimulate personal and social growth, and assist our students in taking a more active role in preparing for their future, our school counselor offers multiple individualized counseling appointments to each Cal Coast Academy student per school year. Students are assisted with current and future class schedules, 4-year educational planning, college application assistance, college and/or career counseling, academic, social, and/or personal concerns, internships, college/university summer learning opportunities, studying/learning abroad programs, etc. By routinely addressing student development and progress, we are providing our students and families the opportunity to participate in the process of creating a more customized and personal educational plan based on their specific academic goals. Counseling sessions are designed to optimize success both in middle and high school as well as in college selection and admittance.

Our school counselor dedicates a four-month span to counseling appointments geared specifically towards our 11th and 12th grade student body. These individualized meetings, lasting from July through October, are dedicated to SAT/ACT/AP test registration, college searches, college campus tours, college application processes, and educational plan maintenance. An impressive 83% of our senior students who graduated during the past five years (2007-2011) pursued higher educations. Since 2006, 100% of our school graduates have been accepted to their top choice college or university or have pursued the career path of their choosing. Currently, 97% of all Cal Coast Academy graduates have been accepted to the college or university of their choice.




Dr. Michael Barker

Ms. Kristen Jansen
Mr. Michael Hatcher 

 "Unity is strength ...
when there is teamwork
and collaboration,
wonderful things are achieved"
 - Mattie J.T. Stepanek


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