Parent Testimonials

"Although Andrew has only attended Cal Coast Academy for a few months, his experience and performance has been exceptional thanks to the teachers and staff. His grades have improved and his attitude towards learning is making a difference in his self-confidence. Now, he is ready to realize his full potential. Andrew can be a great student with your help!"

Mr. Bruce Bracizewski

"I wanted to let you know how happy we are that we made the switch to Cal Coast! I could go on and on about the many reasons we are pleased, but instead I'll mention just a few. Each of Thomas's classes have been inspiring and satisfying. His math and physics teacher has made these subjects - never Thomas's strength - interesting and clear, and has given Thomas some confidence. His Italian teacher is teaching the language as it should be taught - rigorously! (Tony and I are also language teachers, so we have a few opinions about that!). His US History class has been engaging and has helped Thomas to develop his scholarship skills; also, we have been quite surprised at times in family discussions with the amount Thomas seems to have learned about US History! He alsoreally enjoyed the research paper. last but certainly not least has been his English class. Thomas has gained so much enthusiasm for literature this year, and is eager to read as much as possible. He loves to talk about books, and to recommend his favorites to us and his friends. Besided his positive experiences in each of his classes, we are also thrilled to see that he is once again excited about learning. Homework is substantial, but not a burden and not tedious busy work as it was at his prior school. He has time to reflect, and also time to practice his instuments, go swimming, and socialize with friends. Thank you so much for understanding and putting into practice the principles of a solid education! All the best".

Mrs. Leslie Edwards

"Jan Dunning, has achieved the impossible at Cal Coast Academy. She has, with a nurturing and caring staff, created an environment that meets the needs of every student. The first day my son stepped foot in Cal Coast for tutoring, he came out wanting to attend full-time because he knew he could be successful. He has proved that, and had fun learning along the way".

Mrs. Wendy Theno

"We have had nothing but positive results from Cal Coast. My son was struggling and overwhelmed at his prior school and was therefore not caring nor attending. With the individual help he gets at CCA, he is thriving. He's a much happier kid."

Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Benirschke




The Cal Coast Academy
school campuses will be
closed to students effective


We are committed to

operating our school in

a way that causes the
least amount of disruption

for our students and

families. For that reason,

we will continue to utilize

our distant learning

platform through the

remainder of the school



On behalf of all of us at

Cal Coast Academy,

we wish you health and

safety as we work through

these unprecedented

times together.





accredited courses

available to all students

throughout San Diego County



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